Being small and nimble, we are able to offer affordable, flexible and simple advice at a lower cost than other accountant practices. 
Located in Derby, we cover Derbyshire, Nottingham Burton and the East Midlands, in addition to London. Our fully qualified team understand that no two businesses are the same and we approach each business differently. Whether you need assistance with payroll and VAT or statutory accounts and tax returns, we are on hand to assist. 
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Our services include:

Whether you need Bookkeeper assistance with processing your daily transactions or compiling your monthly accounts, we are able to reconcile your bank account and process receipts and payments to your accounting records in addition to supplier purchase invoices, staff expenses and client invoicing or sales records. 

We are able to produce a full set of monthly records to produce a profit and loss account, giving a position of where your business is.

We can work from hard copy documents each month such as a printed bank statement and hard copy invoices, receipts and expenses or we can work from shared workspaces where documents can be scanned to us for processing or dropped into Dropbox, Google Drive or similar. We work with local Derby and Burton businesses and further afield via Cloud solutions. 


Outsourcing your payroll ensures compliance with HMRC regulations. We can assist you with your monthly payroll or take full ownership of it, dealing with new joiners or leavers, updating employee information and producing a draft pay run for approval by you. Additions such as overtime, backpay or extras may need to be applied and deductions for personal expenses, season tickets, student loans or other. We can then submit with your approval the RTI records to HMRC, produce payslips for employees and establish the tax/NI liability due to HMRC.

We are able to issue P45's, P60's and deal with other employee tax documents as required. 


You may be on a standard VAT scheme, flat rate, cash or accrual? Do you need to set up a VAT scheme, but not sure which you need?

We assist with VAT registration and managing your VAT returns, ensuring you pay the correct amount of VAT or reclaim the correct amount of VAT from HMRC. 

Working with your monthly bookkeeping records, we also analyse your transactions to ensure VAT can be reclaimed and ensure that the correct VAT is charged on your client invoices or sales. 

Annual Accounts

Depending on your type of business, you may need annual accounts to be compiled for submission to Companies House by an Accountant. 

Sole traders or unincorporated businesses do not need to file annual accounts with Companies House, however may need to prepare financial statements to calculate any profit or loss in a period for self assessment tax returns.

Limited Companies, LLPs and incorporated entities need to produce annual accounts for filing at Companies House in addition to appropriate tax returns. Our accountants work with businesses large and small to work through financial transactions at your year end, making adjustments where required and recording accruals, prepayments, depreciation charges and journals as required to produce a final set of accounts including a full balance sheet, profit and loss and reporting pack. 

Self Assesment 

Sole traders, self employed individuals and those with income from sources such as second jobs, property income or commission or interest accruals are required to file a self assessment return for each tax year with HMRC.

Our accountants work through your records, advise on record keeping and produce financial statements as required to calculate your tax liability for filing to HMRC. 

Sole Traders

Sole traders are required to produce a self assessment tax return for the tax year, detailing their income/receipts and expenses/payments.

Our accountants work with sole traders to analyse their books or work though their bank statements, invoices, expenses and receipts to prepare financial statements to ascertain the tax liability to HMRC. 


Partnerships which have not been incorporated at Companies House are required to register with HMRC to obtain a Partnership Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number - Individual partners are then required to register for self assessment. A partnership return along with individual partner tax returns should be filed with HMRC to declare the tax liability for the tax year. 

Our accountants assist with partnership registration, queries and bumps along the road in addition to preparing financial statements and returns on your behalf. 


Limited Liability Partnerships are incorporated and required to submit annual accounts to Companies House in addition to partner tax returns. 

We work with LLPs to produce annual accounts and assist with tax planning for partners in addition to tax computations and returns. 

Limited Companies 

Limited Companies are required to submit annual accounts to Companies House in addition to filing Corporation Tax returns with HMRC. Directors are responsible for filing Self Assessment tax returns. Our Accountant compiles Statutory Accounts, Tax Adjustments and final computations. 

We work with businesses of varying shapes and sizes to prepare financial statements, record accounting adjustments and prepare final accounts and tax returns to be filed. 

PSC returns

The Person of Significant Control (PSC) listing replaced the Annual return and should be filed annually to Companies House to detail the owners or beneficial owners of an incorporated entity.

We can provide guidance, assistance or file the PSC on your behalf. 

Dormant Accounts

A business that is not trading, but registered at Companies House, will need to file dormant accounts to evidence that it is not currently undertaking trading or business activities. We are able to file these on your behalf. 

Management Accounting

Management Accounts may be required for business strategy, growth, applying for a loan or merger and acquisition purposes.

Management Accounts allow businesses to make strategic decisions looking forwards and we work with businesses to profile and understand activities before producing comprehensive management accounts. We are able to produce these monthly, quarterly or ad hoc as per your requirements. Our Management Accountant in Derby is on hand to assist your business. 

Forensic Accounting

Working with businesses of varying sizes, we assist with internal forensic accounting or specific projects from insurers and law firms to identify anomalies or differences in key financial data and to verify business financials.

Our accountants are experienced and assist with litigation, expert witness reports and damage and claim verification.

Business Planning

It is essential to review your business plan as the business grows to ensure that it is meeting its objectives, goals and targets. 

We work with businesses to review budgets, variation analysis and produce forward forecasts. Working closely with you, our accountants can produce comprehensive business plans, tailored to your needs, with measurable objectives. 

Virtual Finance Director

You may undertake your own bookkeeping, but require some oversight of your financials or need assistance with business growth and strategy from our Accountant.

We offer a Virtual Finance Director service, whereby we act as an outsourced part of your business. Our Virtual Finance Director based in Derby can work on reporting, planning and strategy, attending key meetings if required and assisting your business to meet its objectives in addition to providing Management Accounting and business planning.

We are able to offer a few hours a week, month or other as required. 

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