Business Support Package launched

Ascentant today launched its Business Support Package, following growing interest from a number of clients.

The comprehensive package provides monthly Bookkeeping support to small businesses, end of month management reporting, a meeting with a designated Accountant, HR support throughout the month and IT support. It brings together a number of previous standalone services into a monthly retainer, which provides discounts on standard standalone rates.

The package supports small businesses with back office support, usually reserved for larger firms.

Small business owner, Helen Craft commented “I find it difficult to source business support services as a sole trader – I do not have the capacity or budget to employee staff to assist with finance or employee issues and a package such as this really helps me “buy in” services as and when needed”.

Ascentant is a Business Consultancy based in Derby, providing Accountancy, HR and IT services. Specialists in providing support to Legal Practices, Ascentant are members of the Derby Law Society and work closely with the Insitute of Legal Finance & Management.

For further information, see our pricing page or contact us for a bespoke quote or further information.




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