Our Derby based, HR Consultants provide a comprehensive, but bespoke service that covers the employee lifecycle - From recruitment, interviewing and onboarding to employee retention, benefits, training and redundancy. We cover Derbyshire, Nottingham, Burton, the East Midlands and beyond. 

We provide outsourced HR services to small businesses as well as assistance in developing internal policies, procedures and systems. Whether that is an employee appraisal system, workforce review or assistance with enforcement of policies and procedures. 


Whether your first employee or not, identifying your recruitment needs prior to advertising a role and selecting candidates is crucial. 

We assist employers draw up and finalise job descriptions with a clearly identified role and responsibilities prior to searching for candidates. We are then able to source candidates for employers to select for interview. 

If testing or pre interview examinations are required prior to interview selection, we assist with with this before forwarding short listed candidates to employers. 

Employee vetting and Background checking

In accordance with Employment Regulations, we offer employers a vetting and screening service prior to offering roles to potential employees. 

This includes identity checks, credit checks and verifying that the potential recruit has the right to work in the UK and does not have visa or immigration requirements.

Contracts of Employment

A contract of Employment details the terms of employment and defines the conditions, terms and responsibilities of both the employer and the employee in a legally binding contract. 

Ensuring that the employment contract adheres to employment legislation, is current and is legal is imperative to protect the rights of the employee and the employer. 

Staff Handbooks

The staff handbook details the internal policies and procedures that employees should adhere to during employment. This will usually include, but not limited to:

  • Holidays, booking and carrying over unusued days
  • Overtime rates and policies
  • Travel and expenses policy
  • Health and Safety policies
  • Confidentiality policies
  • Use of Company Equipment 
  • Whistleblowing 
  • Sickness absence policy
  • Grievance policy
  • Disciplinary policy
Policies and Procedures

The Staff Handbook should detail internal policies and procedures that employees are required to follow. 

Some of these are statutory and linked to an employees contract of employment. Others are for guidance. 


Setting a standard for employees to undertake their roles, appraisals should be undertaken to monitor staff engagement, morale and continued suitability to carry out their role. 

Appraisals may identify training needs or draw attention to issues that have not previously been raised. It is important to have a clear appraisal process drawn up and ensure that it is adhered to. You may wish to link bonuses and benefits to the appraisal process for high performing employees. 

Training and Development

Depending on the role, continued training and development maybe required for the employee to effectively undertake their role.

Procuring value for money training providers and monitoring performance and progress is key. Some professions may have a requirement to undertake CPD each year. Systems should be in place to record training activities and identify where training maybe required. 

Benefits and Rewards 

As part of the terms of employment, benefits may have already been identified and provided. 

Ascentant work with a number of benefits providers ranging from Health, Insurance and staff perks to assistance with pensions and auto enrolment. 

Absence Management

Managing employee absences can be frustrating, but should be carefully undertaken in accordance with internal policies and procedures. We assist employers to sympathetically, but fairly manage employee absences - short and long term - In addition to return to work or disciplinary procedures if required. 

Grievance & Disciplinary 

In accordance with the Staff Handbook and internal policies and procedures, grievances may be raised and disciplinary action may be instigated. 

It is important to follow procedures set out and Ascentant assist employers with following the process or undertaking it on their behalf to the resulting outcome. 


In tough economic times or where an employee is performing poorly, redundancy may be the last choice - But is sometimes necessary.

We assist employers in line with employment law and regulations to undertake the redundancy process from consultation to end. 


Employees may be transferred under TUPE for a variety of reasons - We are experienced in handling TUPE from beginning to end including contracts, consultations and process management.

HR Outsourcing

Our HR Consultants provide ad hoc HR Support and Consultancy as required, but also provide Outsourcing and Outsourced HR Solutions to businesses - Our HR team can act as an extension to your business and tailor an outsourced HR Support package to your requirements.

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