IT Security


Our Derby based IT Consultants, provide a tailor made package from procurement of Software and Hardware, we are experts in IT Infrastructure, Remote systems, Cyber Security and Risk Management. Our Consultants provide IT Support, Project Consultancy and IT Outsourcing services.

We provide remote desktop management, office 365 and start up packages in addition to remote system monitoring and alerts.


Working with our IT partners, we are able to obtain the best rates for software and hardware for your business. When procuring IT contracts, we do not stick to our partners only and examine all options available to obtain the best pricing for you.

Our IT team will carefully identify your needs and produce a report detailing your options available.

Project Management

IT projects can be expensive, time consuming and if not carefully managed - spiral out of control.

We take full responsibility for your IT Project Management, procuring the best costs available, exploring contracts available and putting together a detailed timetable for delivery of each stage of the project.

We assist with system selection, migration, integration and training in accordance with the project plan agreed with you.

Risk Management

Ensuring that your business has identified business risks and ways of mitigating them, we undertake a full Risk Assessment to ensure that risks are identified, solutions are identified and solutions are implemented.

We work with businesses to develop internal policies and procedures on best practice working in addition to reducing external risks from viruses, spyware and hacking. Specialising in cyber security, we ensure your systems are well placed to protect business and client data.

Business Continuity & Backup

If your business premises was closed unexpectedly or your systems went down, do you have a business continuation or business continuity plan? Are your systems backed up? Do you work on the cloud or server based solutions?

Identifying your back up plan for when things go wrong, we work with businesses to ensure they have the correct insurances in place and plan for the unexpected to ensure that business can continue when things go wrong.

Data Protection, Virus Protection & Cyber Security

Complying with the Data Protection act, keeping client data secure and confidential and protecting your systems against hack, viruses and cyber fraud, it is important to ensure that your systems are secure.

We undertake a system audit to identify holes in system security and implement solutions to reduce risk. We can use remote monitoring to alert you to system attacks or risks as and when they happen in addition to preventative measures.

Office 365

As a Microsoft Partner, we are able to offer Microsoft Solutions at a reduced rate to your business, including Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange Solutions.

VoiP & Communications

If you have physical office space, rather than traditional fixed line telephone and data, we can provide VOIP and Lync solutions.

We partner with a leading provider of Business Connections, with 24/7 operations and a Network Monitoring department specifically created with the job of ensuring your connection is always up and issues are sorted before you even know.

Remote/Virtual Desktops

If you want to access your desktop anywhere in the world then Hosted Desktops are the way to go. All you need is an internet connection.

With our providers we are able to provide a fully managed Hosted Service to really lower costs whilst reducing all the frustrations which usually come with sending updates documents, moving to a USB stick or whichever other methods you use to ensure your files are always up to date. All for a low monthly cost and easily scalable so you don’t need to worry about new staff and their problems too - Our IT Consultants provide full support.

Cloud Solutions

We work with a number of Cloud providers to offer Cloud Solutions to your business - Whether data storage, accounting software, HR systems or CRM, we are able to migrate old server based solutions to cloud solutions with ease.

Website Development & SEO

We have an in house marketing team who help our clients with their website solutions.

From a one page landing page to a multi page website detailing your services and company to ensure you reach your customers.

Websites are a way to show off your company and shouldn’t be a hindrance in your daily life, that’s why all of our packages include a maintenance contract to remove the headache of security flaws.

Email setup, Migration & Development

We can come on site to migrate data and get you up and running, or we can do this remotely (where possible).

The case with our clients moving to office365 is that we come onsite for 1 day to actually start off the migration, followed by a site visit the next day to ensure you are fully up and working and answer any queries you may have.

IT Policies & Procedures

Ensuring that your policies and procedures are current and adhered to is an essential part of risk management and system security.

Policies such as confidentiality, data protection, personal use of equipment and email/internet policy allow firms to discourage risky behaviour by employees in accordance with HR policies and procedures which may lead to disciplinary action should employees disregard your business guidance.

We work with businesses to prepare appropriate policies and procedures which are practical and can be followed and applied.

IT Outsourcing

Our IT Consultants provide on demand support as required to clients - But also provide Outsourcing and Outsourced solutions. SME's without the capacity or need for a full time IT employee can outsource their IT needs to Ascentant.