Start Ups

When starting a business, where do you begin? It is tempting to ignore the administrative, regulatory and financial requirements and try to get on with undertaking your core business activities. Ascentant assist start-ups with start up packages and ad hoc consultancy and advice to get your business off the ground. 

Company Formation

It is essential at the outset to decide the legal and tax structure of your new business. Should you work as a sole trader or incorporate a limited company? Will you be working alone or need to form a partnership? Will your business involve risk? 

If your business is low risk, part time and you are working alone, it maybe sensible to operate as a sole trader. However high risk business activities maybe better suited to a Limited Company to separate any personal liability from risk associated with business activities. The type of business format that you follow will involve different levels of regulatory reporting, different tax requirements and differing levels of insurance requirements. 

We assist businesses to identify key activities, risk and other profiling to determine the best business structure for them. 

Business Plan & Cashflow Planning

Producing a business plan is a key part of building any business, to ensure that you have future goals and targets to measure your results against. 

Applying for loans, finance or working with other businesses may require a full business plan to show that your business has a strategy and has been clearly thought out with the future in mind. Working with your business, we are able to identify and develop your business plan and strategy.

Funding & Financing 

Do you have capital already? Or do you require funding from friends, family, banks or investors? 

We work with the Startup loans company in addition to other start up lenders to obtain start up funding to develop your business idea into reality. 

Banking set-up

Ascertaining your banking requirements early on is essential. Will you require international transfers? Will you need currency accounts? Will you need an overdraft or credit card? 

Depending on your banking requirements, we will recommend an appropriate banking facility and assist with setting up, including bank mandates, authorities and online access. 

HMRC & Companies House Registrations

Depending on your Company structure, you may need to register with Companies House as an incorporated entity in addition to HMRC for Directors Self Assessment, Coporation Tax, PAYE for Employers and VAT. 

We analyse your businesses needs and undertake registrations with you or on your behalf if acting as your agent. 

Sourcing Premises

Working with our partners at Citibase and other property management companies, we are able to search for appropriate serviced office, virtual office or leased premises to assist getting your business off the ground. 

Brand Identity & Development

Brand identity and development early on are key to your businesses visibility, message and market presence. Working with our marketing consultants, we are able to assist with logos development, brand development and formatting as basic or in depth as required. 

Sourcing Staff & Recruitment

We work with businesses to identify staffing needs, develop job descriptions and source candidates on your behalf. Working with our HR team, we can undertake the entire employee onboarding process. 

Contracts of Employment, Staff Handbook & HR Policies & Procedures

When taking on your first employees, it is essential to have a contract, terms of employment and a staff handbook to assert the responsibilities of the employee and the business. 

For full details, see our HR services page with a full list of HR services. 

IT Infrastructure

Undertaking a full analysis of your IT needs, we are able to build remote and hosted platforms, VoiP systems and procure hardware and software to meet your business needs. 

Visit our IT services page to see a full list of IT services. 


Different businesses require different insurances. Will you be undertaking risky activities and require Professional Indemnity Insurance? Will you be employing staff and require Employer Liability Insurance? Will you have members of the public on your premises and require Public Liability Insurance? 

Further more having identified business risk, you may wish to undertake Office Contents Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance or other policies. We work with your business to identify risks and the required insurances required. 

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